Recovery & Massage

Recovery & Massage

There is a great article in USA Triathlon magazine last month called Rising to the Top. Siri Lindley who is a top triathlon coach states ” recovery has become a much more sought-after part of the sport. There’s a much greater usage of massage therapy and things like active release therapy( ART) and acupuncture. These allow for athletes to continually progress without facing as much injury or overtraining”.

I have to agree with Siri Lindley. Why not have massage therapy, ART or acupuncture be part of your training program. I see a lot of athletes who have chronic injuries and continue to train on them or wait till it’s too late to get the necessary help needed to heal the injury. If your getting massage or any of these other modalities on a regular basis then your going to avoid these types of injuries, have better training sessions and better race result.

Not only is recovery good for athletes but day to day stresses like sitting all day at a desk, driving a car and even my job as a massage therapist can benefit from some recovery like massage, ART, foam rolling and even a hot epson salt bath.


As an endurance athlete myself I am often guilty of not getting in the proper recovery. With that said, I am focusing more on recovery this year. I am getting more massages, foam rolling (check out the swingbak foam roller), and taking epson salt baths more often. I also like to soak my legs into Barton Springs Pool after a hard run! To start my 2017 year off right I just ran 3M Half Marathon and already scheduled a massage for the day after the race!!


I often use a lacrosse ball to get into those deeper muscle like the deeper gluteal and piriformis muscles that are often hard to reach with just a foam roller. The lacrosse ball is also great for getting into the chest muscles and muscles in the upper back. These muscles are often neglected when people think about “foam rolling” Its often all about the legs which are worked the most! Wrong…

Think about cycling where you may being hunched over on the bike in aero position or working over a computer all day. Those chest muscles are staying in a shorten state while your upper back muscles like the traps and rhomboids are being over stretched. These muscles are getting plenty of work and need some soft tissue work as well. So make sure your doing some sort of recovery like massage, foam rolling or even just sitting in a hot epson salt bath. Over time you’ll notice you’ll recover better from hard workouts or even just a long day at the office!